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What is Staring OCD


Staring OCD is a term to describe looking at people “inappropriately”. Carol Edwards is one of those people and has now recovered by ninety per cent. So, her goal is to raise awareness of this hidden variation of OCD, also referred to as Visual Tourettic OCD. She knows many people who struggle with it, most still looking for answers to cope with the disorder. Carol tells part of her story and gives examples to provide some of those answers.



Since Carol studied cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) specialising in obsessive-compulsive disorder, she wondered why people develop this tic-related problem. Before that, she hadn’t understood why people stared peripherally or at people’s private regions but worried about what it meant. This book explains how she learned more about staring OCD and tested the tools she’d learned through her CBT training. In short, this book includes techniques to blend with exposure-based cognitive-behavioural therapy to help others know there is a way to overcome it.

The book is available on Amazon today!


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